So what kind of services do we really offer?
-Canine Behavioural Consults
-Canine Obedience training Puppy-Specialized
- In the Park walks and hikes!
-Canine Walking Services
-Basic Health maintenance, nail trims, ear cleaning,medication administration.
-Dog and Baby consults
-Canine Nutrition with and emphases on a species appropriate diet (we also do work with kibble fed dogs)
-Canine Wellness Consultation (we often work with your Veterinarian)
-Canine Wellness Programs, weight loss, conditioning etc
....and much more! Contact us to find out!

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  1. We need your help. Our Great Pyr, Hank is almost 7 years old. He was an extremely shy puppy, I would say to the point of fearful. At the age of three, he attacked me twice. We spoke with a behaviorist and Hank and I regained our trust with one another. That is until just recently. He has again become aggressive with me. He has not been aggressive with my husband. This recent event occurred when I went to pet him, he got in my face and growled, I kept still and he circled me growling the whole time, I only said, "Hank, it's okay, over and over, my husband was telling him no. Hank then left the room. The next day his behavior was normal, wanted my attention and what my love'n. The other agressive growling occurred today, I was just going to let him out, and for no apparent reason, he began growling at me. Same scenario as before, but this time I told him no and after about 15 seconds, he stopped growling and stepped away from me. At this point he seemed almost confused, unsure of me. We are scheduling an appointment with the vet, regardless of the fact that there has been nothing to indicate he is in pain. What do we do? We love him so much, please help.