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I have tried a few different trainers, and was shocked at the type of negative training there is in order to get a 'correct' behaviour. It only creates stress for the dog and the guardian, and nothing is accomplished but fear. A positive experience is what you get with Jade. She may curse me sometimes but the people to whom I recommend Jade wouldn't be successful without her help. Thank you for the work you do, Jade.


Thank-you Jade for all the valuable info on feeding RAW and great recipes you've you've shared with me.

Just wanted to pop by and thank you for all the wonderful advice and help over the years! Your knowledge and opinions are always appreciated!!! Thank you for everything!!!!

 Jade has helped me with my dogs diet and provided a very complete nutrition and health consult for each of them. This has allowed me to tailor a very specific diet for each of them since they have different needs: one has had health problems since puppy hood and the other is a very healthy, large breed growing puppy. I was looking for the best diet to help them stay healthy and avoid overuse of medication, looking for a more natural approach. Thanks to Jade, I have gained a very good understanding of the RAW DIET for dogs and this is exactly what my Shiloh Shepherd needs. Jade explained everything in details, including how much to feed and what specific nutrients are needed in each meal. I am able to balance her meals and source the ingredients myself and feel good to know that she is eating the freshest ingredients everyday. Our vet says she is extremely healthy at 18 months, strong muscles and no joint issues at all so far; she has been growing steadily, keeping a lean body weight until she reaches maturity. My Lab is leaner and stronger than ever, much happier too, he is more active then is ever was. Both dogs are much happier and have more energy since getting quality food in their diet. I would not hesitate to recommend Jaderr Obedience N' Things to any of my friends seeking help with their canine companions.

Karma would not be the sweetheart she is without your initial guidance and continued support/advice..thanks so much..

 You have offered me advice many times, I consider you my Mentor, what I love the most is that you direct me where I can find information and encourage me to read and research to form my own decisions....even if you dont agree with me you always support what I do and encourage me to want to do more and be better ....I am so happy we met and would love for Jack to spend some time with you.

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  1. How could I have forgotten to say how much advice she gave me on getting my dogs onto raw. I could never go back to kibble. I can't believe the shiny soft black coat on my pointer mix, the shine on my Pyr's coat and both of them with such white teeth at 5 and 6 years of age. My Pyr actually eats every day, now. And, so little poop!