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  1. I have a question. I have a 7.5 month old Pyrenees, I also have a 2 yr old black lab... both male. They get along great outside, (unless I go out in the fenced area with them) in their 1/2 acre fenced area. But, once inside they must be kept separate usually. It's unpredictable. It seems as if I am the trigger. The Pyr is the aggressor, he has caused several fights. The lab will ignore him to a point, but the pyr keeps up his barking/growling until sometimes, the lab breaks and goes after him. Had the pyr since he was 10 weeks. Only aggression I witness when I'm not around is when thy pry finds a "toy", follows the lab around teasing him (playing) but then doesn't like when the lab wants to play. I do have a 3rd male, boston mix, 6 yrs old (small but protective dog) Pyr seems to treat him like our cats!? Which is looks at them and chills by them. I keep the boston in his own large fenced area when outside, he's the only one who is really the inside dog b/d the other two are still into chewing everything! They come in supervised only. Why the difference? Why am I the only trigger (other than food, fed in different rooms) Can I do anything to work w/the pyr and/or lab to stop this jealous battle??