Monday, October 20, 2014

....the key to living in each moment.......

Being a good dog trainer in more than just technical knowledge! Its hands on experience, and its learning to know the dog, to read there reactions, to understand how each individuals mind works.

 Every time I meet with a new dog and work with them, I spend countless moments observing there movements, the things that intrigue them, or potentially stress them, how they recover from the things that scare them, how they seek my or there owners attention/reinforcement, or do they avoid me…..every moment tells me something that could be useful to my journey with that particular dog.

 You see knowledge is everything and it is nothing without knowing that not everything fits into neat columns, without knowing that the world is filled with as much or more grey than black and white. I need to listen with my mind, my ears, my body and my eyes if I am to do justice to each dog.

My job is to be present each moment , to be aware and to be the cheerleader, the support group, the task master, and the proud “parent”…depending on what each moment needs!

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