Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life...and the power of a moment.

Life is measured by moments...... seconds and minutes of colourful memory making moments. They are not all easy, nor bright but they all need to happen to make our life whole. Sometimes we look back at particular moments and we dispare at things we might have done wrong or experience. But maybe its time to look at some of those moments as the challenges we needed to grow into the people we are meant to become.........our dogs are like this not every moment of their life will be filled with perfect behaviour and awe inspiring moments. But every moment is a learning experience and every lesson is in its own way life plan to be inspiring well training, plan for all the little things that can become big life changing events which happen in simple moments of time and plan to be better to move forward from the less than stellar moments in time with inspiration and resolve to make the next moment the one that changes things.

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  1. Your advice seems very knowledgeable. I wonder if you could comment regarding our dog. We have a 3 1/2year old Great Pyrenees/ Bernese mountain do mix. He has been socialized and is an amazing family dog. He is fine at the beach/park with other dogs and people. When we have parties he is perfect towards anybody her. Ned is extremely loyal and gentle to our family. He is shy towards strangers which is expected. Our problems are that he will bark and "nip" unannounced people if they come into my house until he understands that they are welcome and then he is fine with them. Lately, he will chase, bark and nip neighbors who pass by our property. I think he is trying to protect and my kids but naturally I can't have this happen. Other than that he is the most calm, loving and patient dog with anyone. Can this be helped with training? Would he be happier is a less busy neighborhood and household or is there something really wrong? I would be really appreciated.