Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Seeking out knowledge is a lifetime affair, one can never know everything there is to know about any given subject and the moment that someone believes that they do they most definitely are deluding themselves. By the very nature of life it is not possible to be 100% in anything, creatures make mistakes and if they are intelligent they learn from them. My goal as a trainer is to continue to learn every time I meet a dog, every time I speak with a colleague and every time I work with a client.
I have experience, both book learnt and hands on, I have apprenticed and I have attended seminars on the subject of training, I read studies and take the time to research something that stumps me because I know that I will continue to evolve through my career and that there is no method that will work for every situation I am put into. So I take the time to load my tool box and to hone and sharpen the skills that fill it so that I can be the best I can possibly be for myself and for the dogs I work with.
My goal in life is to experience as much as I can and to take from those experiences the pearls of knowledge that are embedded in their midst!!

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