Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It’s days like today that really make me have to work, I’m sitting here at my computer working on paper work. The snow is coming down and coupled with the wind is causing a white out. My fire is roaring and as I take a breath I get a prickling sensation on the back of my neck...you know the one I mean, you feel like you’re being watched! As I glance slightly sideways 8 eyes stare back at me with varying degrees of sadness and expectation.
We’ve all been here, the weather is raw out and although I really don’t mind setting out to exercise the dogs in conditions like this, after all I am Canadian. I have a small yet very cute limitation, my baby girl who is just shy of two. Of course she would love to go out and help exercise and train the dogs; it’s one of her favorite things to do. But being a mother and a dog lover sometimes conflicts, the dogs need exercise but I know that my daughter won’t last outside long enough to make it worth any of our whiles.
So what to do what to do? I could ignore them, make them go lie down....but it’s not fare to do that, they are bored and well I’m the one who choose to live with high activity dogs after all.
So it’s time to get creative! My dogs are all taught brain games from the time they are young, nothing tires a dog out like making them think! Things like “101 Things to do with a box” are old hat at my house, in fact I have several thick cardboard box’s of varying sizes just for days like this. The premise of this game is to shape your dog to do different things with the box, it could be as simple as putting a paw on or in or as difficult as getting all four feet in at once, the sky and physical ability is the limit!
If you don’t have a box than don’t worry you can use anything really the idea is the same, do you have a mat or a bowl? Use your imagination!!
If you’re the type who really is too busy to take a quick break and think outside the box (haha pun intended) than you should consider stocking up on Doggy puzzles (or make your own), kongs to be stuffed and frozen with healthy goodness, treat balls and anything else that will make the dog work their minds on their own.
We are the ones that bring dogs into our lives, its our job to ensure that they are the best that they can be, and believe me bored dog will find their own entertainment.....so wouldn't it be easier to provide some for them?

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