Thursday, January 30, 2014

How well do you listen to your dog? Can you tell how they are feeling when you are working, playing or just spending time with them? Do they like the hugs you are giving? What about how you're training them?
Do they look to you with bright and shiny eyes and a happy body or with hesitation and a turned head? Can you feel their joy and enthusiasm and that connection that tells you they are there with you? Or do they seem to just be along for the ride?
Inspire joy in your partner, find out what gives them pleasure in your interactions and respect what they are telling you. Sometime we get so caught up in trying to approach our dogs in a way that we fell is right that we forget to check and see if they agree with us.
Take a moment and spend it assessing what your dog is trying to say and then modify your interactions to see if you can inspire that joy!
Happy training!!

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