Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wow its hard being a parent today isn’t it? Having two or four legged “kids”  it doesn’t matter there is so much to learn, to pass on, so many experience to walk through with your head held high, and so many times that all you could wish for was a giant roll of bubble wrap and some duck tape.
But here’s my problem, I am seeing way too much of that bubble wrap mentality. Life is meant for living, for gaining experience and learning all there is to know about you. Life is messy, emotional, and beautiful....pain, frustration, and fear is just as much a part of life as love, happiness, and courage.  Actually without all of these things how does one understand all the emotions that come with living? To be truly happy one must understand what the meaning of real sadness is, to be truly courageous one must overcome fear, and to truly understand the beauty of life and how precious it really is one must feel pain and appreciate it for what it is.
So why are we taking away our dogs ability to experience these things? Yes we are there guardians; we are responsible for their well being, happiness and life. But is it not our responsibility to listen to what they tell us, to comfort them when they need it but to also challenge them with new experiences? To learn when to limit them and when to give that extra nudge towards something different?
There are always limits but our job is to be a support system, not an endless roll of bubble wrap. We need to challenge our companions, encourage them to explore life, and help guide them along the path.

Don’t clip your dog’s wings, help them is precious and every moment is meant for living so start today!

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