Thursday, November 21, 2013

There are so many aspects to building and maintain a healthy relationship with your dog, Trust, Respect, love to name a few, are all integral to your dogs well being.
For a dog to learn trust, they need to know that all their basic needs are meant, Water, Food, Shelter, Security to name a few. They need clear and concise instructions and a support system.
For a dog to Respect, it needs a leader that is not harsh but is tolerant, clear, and fair in their expectations. A person who takes the time to ensure that all messages are clear and that they communicate effectively with their canine partner.  A person who is capable of making sure understanding has been reached, and that support is there should it be needed.
For a dog to love, all it needs is to breathe. Most dogs are born loving it’s just a matter of allowing them Respect and earning their trust that maintains it and strengthens.

What goals could be reached and what problems righted? By simply making your basic relationship with your dog stronger...the sky is the limit when you have a true understanding of who your dog is and who you are! So spread those wings!! 

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