Tuesday, November 5, 2013

``Oh that dog!!!  She got into the garbage again, she was balancing on the back of the couch trying to see out the window, and AND she had her nose buried in my potted plants.....can you imagine, she just frustrates me!!!``
When you read that I am sure that you are sighing or nodding in agreement and sympathy for that poor owner, her dog is obviously misbehaving ...right?
Well the short answer in our human culture is, YES! She most definitely is misbehaving. But what if you take a step back and look at it from another angle, what if your dog is curious and she is testing out her limits and exploring the environment she lives in?
Those of us who compete with our dogs value their curiosity and willingness to explore new possibilities; we've learned how to curb and channel the behaviours and allow the dog an outlet without them destroying our house.
But your average dog owner doesn't look at curious behaviours with obvious joy, they tend to try to curb the behaviour without an outlet which often can result in a dog that turns into an amazing acrobat in an attempt to satisfy their need to explore....or worse they turn into a dog that has anxiety because their natural confidence wasn't allowed to build.
I`m not saying  that you need to allow your dog to destroy your home, but maybe what you could do is think of ways to allow them exploration and reinforce their curiosity so that they become a well rounded companion.

Next time your dog is engaging in less than a desired activity, open your mind and use your creativity, come up with a plan that will allow you both to flourish and find joy in a new experience! 

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