Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh the joys of adding a new little bundle of furry love to your family! You've done your research and found the perfect companion and now she is home with you. You diligently start working on house breaking her, you watch her sweet little face light with joy as she chases butterflies and whirls around the yard in a clumsy gait. You laugh at her antics and engage her in a game of chase which ends at the door. Laughing you let her in and go back to whatever it was you were doing before her bathroom break.....five minutes later when you check on her that adorable carefree little baby has left you a not so cute little present.. WHY!?! You just had her out, you've been giving her treats when she potty’s...why isn't she getting it?
Well there could be many reasons, but the one that stands out the most for me in the scenario I just painted above was that you engaged her in play before she had a chance to stop being distracted by that wonderful big world. So she forgot to go, and five minutes later when she was ready to relax her little system reminded her.
 So plan for potty success, good rules to follow when you  are working on house training your cute little baby;
- Puppies systems work fast, so plan to take her out at minimum every 1-2 hours, also plan to take her out AFTER play, after eating and after waking up.
- Reinforce the behaviour you want, praise her when she goes outside. Give her as many opportunities as possible to get it right!!
- Learn her habits, pay attention to how often she goes and what signs she shows that a potty break is impending.
- Some times the beautiful outside world is very distracting, so plan to go outside with your puppy each and every time she has a potty break. All the better to keep her on track and REWARD her for the desired behaviours.

The more she gets it right, the quicker she will understand what is expected of her! Plan for success and you’ll never regret the effort it took! 

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