Friday, November 8, 2013

Have you ever heard the saying, “Your tool box is never to full”? 
I am a firm believer in continuing to educate myself; I can’t know the answer to everything. But the more I learn, the more opportunities I seek out, the better equipped I will be to deal with whatever comes my way.
Dogs are as individual as our children are, each has their own special abilities that they excel at and each learns things slightly better in different ways. The more knowledge I have, the more experience, the more likely I will be to have a varied of methods to draw from.
Dog trainers are best considered “jacks of all trades”.  If we become a master of only one method  we limit our abilities to thrive and really shine, there are so many wonderful and amazing advancements in techniques that are waiting for us to simply become curious enough to check out.

So let curiosity take you, immerse yourself in every opportunity to learn something never know when it will benefit you down the road!

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