Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eyes, what can they tell you?
Oh so much, they truly are the gateway to the soul. What truths do they contain and what secrets do they keep? If you truly look can you see and understand what the other being is feeling and can they express to you their levels of emotion?
When you gaze into the eyes of your canine companion what do you see? Are their eyes bottomless depths of knowledge and understanding? Are they bright with love and energy? Or are they sad with a desire to be understood?
What do you see? What can you learn from simply looking?
Observing, the little things about your dog can give you so much insight into their personalities, what they enjoy and what they don’t. Truly understanding your canine, being able to read into their minds through their actions is a gift, one that needs to be honoured and developed. 
How much more meaningful and productive will your relationship be if you understand and care what they are thinking and feeling? How much further will you be able to aspire and how much quicker will you get there when you understand what drives your dog?

The path is laid before you all you need to do is start with their eyes....

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