Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Behaviour is such an interesting thing; I could expand out into a million directions and never hit on every aspect of it.
There are so many twist and fascinating turns, you can use behaviour to mold behaviour, to change context of events, to understand the thought process and the ingrained habits of any one species. I could observe interactions of dogs, with people, with each other, other species, objects, and every imaginable thing and still be fascinated with what I see.
How does behaviour develop? What goes into cementing one behaviour over another? What behaviours are instinctual and which are taught?
How can I use what I have observed to teach a client proper interaction with their dogs, or to model my training plan in a way that will make the most sense to the dog I am working with.
Training your dog is not only fun it’s a form of science. A good trainer understands the science behind how your dog learns and is hopefully able to convey it to you the owner.

Because just like any puzzle having all the pieces allows you to put the full masterpiece together, so well your training with your companion today, take a couple moments and really observe what she is doing....after all curiosity is only human nature!

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