Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thrilled with the thought of the fun to come, excited to dress up and have some fun, little kiddies prepare in glee, for tomorrow night is Halloween!!!!!
We would be remiss if we didn't leave some tips for parents and their kids on all hallows eve, what should you do to stay safe that night?

- If you come across a dog running about do not approach it, although it may normally be friendly. The faces of little ghosts and fairies might scare them.

- If a dog is loose and runs towards you, what do you do? You become a TREE!!! Stand still and stare at your roots! Do not cry and do not run, stand as still as possible and wait until it leaves you alone!

-If you come to a home with a dog at the door and the people who live there are allowing it to greet visitors, try to see if the dogs remains calm before approaching. If you notice it is really excited than it might be a good idea to skip that house.

-Never approach a dog on a tie out, or open a gate to enter a yard with a loose dog!

-Remember even though you  might  know a dog, she might not recognize you dressed up so always be careful.

 Plan ahead to make sure that your night is full of the right kind of fright!! 

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