Thursday, October 31, 2013

The ability to visualize ones desired outcome is truly an acquired skill.

When you go out to train with you canine partner do you have a mental imagine of what you hope to accomplish? Or do you simply go out with a vague idea of things you might do with them?

When you train with a goal in mind and a plan in place, your training sessions will progress much quicker. You will know what you are hoping to pass on to your dog and she will hopefully be able to grasp the concept much quicker because your thoughts are in alignment.  Take the time to visualize as best you can your session and notice how much more in sync you and your dog become.

Don’t forget that all training session needs to harbour an element of fun, work for your dog should mean a joyful event not a boring space of time. Bring out the joy in both yourself and your partner by being prepared, practice your visualization and make your training a game, you know your dog so tap into her fun side to inspire enthusiasm for work and I guarantee you’ll never be sorry you did! 

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