Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ah the air is crisp, the ground is sparkling with the jewels of fall! The days are growing shorter and the nights are becoming longer, and the night that brings forth the ghouls and goblins is almost upon us!!!! Kiddies are excited and filled with glee at the thoughts of candy and trick or treat, they've gathered and planned and will dress with care in the hopes of giving a real good scare.....but wait what about the dog!! Halloween is a night of fun and fright and you need to be considerate of how this might make your dog feel. The night will be filled with its own kind of dangers, candies that are not at all healthy for your pet to ingest, open doors, scary creatures lurking on your door step.
So in the name of safety and good planning, be prepared to help meet your dogs needs.

1. If you have a scardy cat it might be safer and a whole lot less stressful to have them safely tucked away in a comfortable spot  out of sight with a chew bone.

2. Although it might be tempting to let your dog greet all of those cutely costumed children, resist the urge! Your dog might become scared, he might dart out the door....and there are not just cute little kiddies out on nights like this.

3. Above all plan for success, does your dog bark at the door bell? Try to greet the children before they press it.
Does he window watch and get excited or stressed when people approach the house? Try to prevent him from getting into this aroused state by leashing him or distracting him with a yummy treat filled kong.
Does he feel the need to lavish attention on every person who darkens your doorway? Than secure him, or leash him so that he does not scare your pint sized visitors and their parents!

Halloween is a night for delight, and should be fun for all! So help your dog to cope by having a plan!!

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